I was struck by the works of artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. You can browse his website and see so many interesting ideas  / photos / films. There is enough for everybody. Some things will remind you of Eliason, some of Abramovich. But it's more this time captured then looking like.

Lozano's Website
Here are some of his videos:

It also reminded me of an interview by Chris Dercon in Dutch Newspaper NRC [5-3-2012] where he makes a statement about the enormous lust for participation, visitor's of museums have nowadays. There is a link, but only available for subscribers of NRC

Quote: 'De Tate biedt een vorm van troost' Volgens Chris Dercon, directeur van Tate Modern, is de nieuwe museumbezoeker geen consument meer maar deelnemer. Er is een enorme zucht naar participatie ...