The Dutch Opera [DNO / De Nederlandse Opera] has brought out a new production of Wagners Parsifal. It went on show in June 2012. Interesting because of the scenography, which is by Anish Kapoor. 

A huge mirror used back and above the singers Had a huge effect on the scenes, as seen above.
Some other examples can be found in the links below.

Kensington Gardens / Smile for London / Turning the world Upside Down

Leviathan / Grand Palais / Paris

And watch this delightful film about a building in New York, yet to be built.

Herzog & de Meuron / Tribeca Plans

In Holland we can always collect our share of visual pleasures in De Pont in Tilburg.

Next a link [maybe only for dutch viewers] showing an interviewing with Kapoor and Audi.