Where does it happen? What link should we follow. Off course we want to learn in the approaching year, but how and where?

Without any idea about the quality of the online schools.
For a start here some links. We will extend and specify this article later.

The Floating University

The Floating University

Open Culture

Open Culture

The Khan Academy

The Kahn Academy



British artist Norman Wilkinson Nature thought of how in evolution camouflage helped to hide from predators. 
He proposed to apply this 'technique' to warships at sea. 
In the seventies a small book appeared in which these boats and the designs were shown.
[at the bottom of this article there's also a film on this subject]

Lately I saw some designs that reminded me of Dazzle Painting. Here some examples...

First there is the classic first appearance. To see more look at Dazzle Painting 

Then, all of a sudden there is Tobias Rehberger.

This picture comes from Ventilate and shows Rehbergers work for the Setouchi Art Festival / Japan

Finally there is Boris Banozic. He designed the Stuttgart Flight Simulation Centre.

Boris Banozic is an architect and a scenographer [which is sort of obvious] 

Browsing through his work, I noticed quite some work we know now as quite iconic.

Here is a design for a stage in Berlin's Jewish Museum

For desert a cute film on the exhibition of Dazzle Painting in Glasgow's Riverside Museum



Old already but a delight to watch whenever...

Sonar from Renaud Hallée on Vimeo.
The man, the maker: Renaud Hallee



Once again German artist Thorsten Brinkmann  

German born artist Thorsten Brinkmann moves between painting, photography, sculpture, readymades, collage and performance.

Thorsten Brinkmann (Herne, 1971) is an active collector. In his hometown of Hamburg, he has a large shed completely filled with found objects. Everything you can find at the flea market, you also collect Thorsten Brinkmann at: discarded wardrobes, lamp shades, tables, rugs and more. From this series he draws freely in installations, sculptures, videos and photos.

The photographic self-portraits dresses and masks Thorsten Brinkmann is always another way. One time he pulls secondhand clothes over his head. Other times he hides his face in a flowerpot or lampshade. Using the items from his collection molds Brinkmann each his own body into a new representation of himself.

[Some Dutch tekst hier]


At The School of Life all is possible, courses, holidays, 'bibliotherapy', meals, sermons, events and psychotherapy. There's also a shop and ist here that they sell Aphorisms [a set of cards or posters with a clever text, a bit à la Dutch Loesje

The course bear agreeable names like:
How To Be Cool?
How To Have Better Conversations.
How To Find A Job You Love.
How To Spend Time Alone.
How to be a good friend.



Jessica Hische does an interesting blog and writes some interesting stuff on designing and 'good manners' Especially her article 'inspiration vs imitation' in which she sets up some rules on how and why.

A funny example of Jessica's work