• It's just so easy, isn't it?The Direct Mail demonstrates how easy it is to decorate your home with Ikea flat pack designs.
    You're watching TV and suddenly you see something slid under your door. It looks like an Ikea box. When you pick it up and open it a whole bedroom pops up to demonstrate two things: Ikea flat pack furniture designs are super easy to assemble and they look great.All the items used in the bedroom can be found at Ikea - from the furniture to the bed sheets to the comfy slippers. This one was really a labor of love. It involved hours and hours in Photoshop amongst hundreds of layers, a number of visits to Ikea and lots of photography and retouching. Not to mention the hours down at the press.

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The Britisch Government Made a rapport called: "The shape of jobs to come Possible New Careers Emerging from Advances in Science and Technology (2010 – 2030) 

One of the jobs that made my fantasy galop with enthousiasm is the Old Age Wellness Manager...

Full rapport to be read here.

Old Age Wellness Manager / Consultant Specialists 

Drawing on a range of medical, pharmaceutical, prosthetic, psychiatric, and natural fitness
solutions to help manage the various health and personal needs of the aging population.

Emergence as a Profession: 2010

A Day in the Life
The wellness manager will bridge the clients‘ needs for medical care, housing, transport,
training, skills development and social care, as well as managing quality of life and providing
financial advice. In order to stay up to date, our wellness specialist dedicates up to 20% of
their time to researching and learning about all the latest developments that could benefit
their practice. These could encompass new pensions legislation, exercise and diet regimes,
medical advances and new psychotherapeutic interventions. A typical day might start with
video and telephone conversations with clients who are on a retainer and who require
regular coaching, guidance and motivation.
The core of our specialist‘s time is spent consulting with, advising and treating existing and
prospective clients. Although some clients are happy for all services to be provided via video
link and other virtual mechanisms, the bulk place a value on human contact and hence
prefer face-to-face consultations. Our consultant makes a number of home visits but also
likes to see patients in their consulting rooms where more specialist diagnostics and
treatments can be performed. Groups of self-employed wellness specialists may share
treatment rooms. They may also have shared administrative support to perform a range of
tasks for clients ranging from ordering the weekly groceries through to liaising with medical
services and performing personal banking. Wellness management networks may spring up
where each consultant has a particular specialty such as medical care, exercise, coaching
and financial advice.
The nature of the work means that hours could be long, with home visits being performed at
the start and end of the day for clients who are still working. The consultant‘s personal
background and qualifications will determine the range of services they can perform. Hence
those who are not medically trained may need to work in partnership with medical specialists
to provide the full range of services required by clients. Others may have qualified through
new models of medical training that enable them to perform certain medical tasks and
interventions such as drug prescribing. While some clients may pay for themselves, others
may receive the service as part of their retirement package or as part of the support provided
to enable them to carry on working past normal retirement age.

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