Accidentally found; Villa Volpi is for sale. For a mere €33.000.000 one could be the owner of this operaticly designed neo-roman villa, situated near Sabaudia in Lazio. This being an area south of Rome. At the beginning of the 20th century, Lazio was marshland, inhabited by poor farmers and musquitos.
Mussolini made it into a huge project to get the swamps dry and new cities build. This is how Latina, Pontinia, Sabaudia came into existance. Designed in what we now call Rationalism. The term fascistic seems no longer applyable, since the tenth Biennale dell'architettura.
Latin modernisme one might call it. Or "una metafisica construita" as the catalogue of the ehibition of the same name calls it.

Villa Volpi for sale and Villa Volpi in Casa Vogue attachment

Casa Vogue Attachment

Casa Vogue Attachment

Catalogue Metafisica Costruita