Describing the rise and fall of a love affair, au forme d'une auction catalogthis is what  'Important Artefacts, etc.' is all about
A book, unique in its kind.

Important items ... is the description of 1332 auction lots that once belonged to (the fictionalLenore Doolanculinary editor of The New York Timesand Harold Morrismuch sought after commercial photographerThe gifts they gave eachother, the clothes they worebooks they read, CD's, knickknackstheater programs, menus, photographs, letters and printouts of e-mails they 
sent eachother, when Harold visited a distant corner of the worldIn short, all costumes and props from the drama of their love.

Because it is a tragedy, the description of all these objects emerges slowly into the story of the love between Lenore and Harold. How they each got to know eachotherhow their relationship intensifiedwhen and where the first cracks showed and finally how their relationship slowly but inevitably to broke downwith dire results in the 'sale' of all these 'Artefacts in the sale at 14 February 2009Valentines Dayat auction Strachan & Quinn.

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: Leanne Shapton