About a year ago, Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka made these windows for Hermès' Tokyo shop. Not able to embed the link press here. 
In olden days there used to be the so called AIDA formula, by which one could analyse the marketing possibilities of your design.
Its an advertising formula that has been time-proven for over 100 years and involves only 4 simple steps.

See the explanation of the formula beneath the picture.

Also note that Tokujin Yoshioka is a great conceptual designer, on which we will blog soon again.

First, you grab your prospect’s attention over what you've got to offer.
Second, you elicit their interest about what you sell.
Third, you amplify their desire to purchase your offer.
Fourth finally, you influence them to take action. Buy!

Buying seems not te be so much the objective here, but a tremendously well-done thing is achieved on the first A of attention grabbing!