This little bewildering piece of film already left quite some of my friends in awe...
It rumbles through your mind...
What do we see?
Is this what we see?
Is it what we want to see? 
What does the actor want us to see?
Does he want us to see this?

I [honestly] did not know James Franco, so I did my googling and first of all found quite some articles about him; putting the G question... Is he, is he not? To tell the truth, this film gives an answer. To put it bluntly, he loves himself. We see a boy leaning over in a pond, staring at his reflection and falling in love... The fascination comes from the privilege presented to us, to be able to witness this...

For meeting Narcissus.... Watch: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/12/12/magazine/14actors.html#2