Inspiration for holiday season. Let's make a deal, no waste, no environmental damage, use inspiration and creativity... and preferably some recycled stuff...
Look at: http://www.recyclart.org/2010/11/diy-wine-cork-wreath-video-tutorial/ for a boozers wreath.

See the site Cardboard Safari for some fun in these cold and dark days before Christmas...

Cardboard Safari started of with a good substitute for hunters trophies, but widened its range. They for promise each design:

  • laser-cut for precision fit
  • a snap to assemble
  • packed flat for efficient shipping
  • looks stellar in native brown or white
  • can be painted to match your style
  • recycled and non-toxic
  • made locally - we love the planet
Below you find a collection of wooden Christmas trees of which one is also made by Cardboard Safari.