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H. V. Morton's, Traveller in Rome. One can spend days in the Eternal City following the descriptions of this book. One  story leads to a quest through alleys in the backyard of the Piazza Navona, to finally arrive at the exact spot where the house of [OOK GIJ?] Brutus was, more then 2000 years ago. Then with the help of another book, one can follow his footsteps to the forum, to the spot where Julius Caesar was assassinated
Time travelling. 
Morton's book dates from 1957.  
Adelheid van Beuningen [1932] wrote Porcia in 2008. Porcia was Brutus wife. It's this book, that takes you through Rome, considering the reasons that gave rise to Brutus act. In Adelheid van Beuningen's historical novel Porcia dies at the end but she now lives on as a historical figure. 
Van Beuningen takes the reader back to Porcia's happy marriage, which was dominated by the fight against Brutus' main political rival, Julius Caesar.  
Porcia is the straightforward report of the murder and the developments thereafter.
Adelheid van Beuningen is a Dutch writer that lives in England and writes in Dutch.

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