Some years ago I happened to visit the guest appartment of Fornasetti. It is situated at the end of a Milanese garden, overgrown by rododendrons and rubberplants. I was happy to find these pictures on the net, as my visit was at night and without a camera. The main building houses the Fornasetti design workshops. I'll post some pictures of these mysterious rooms some other day. [meanwhile, here is a link to the house!]
The totally interesting thing about the guest house is the combination of new and old, all with an extreme eye for detail. The sense of classicism, use of color and style, made the visit a fysical experience.


One enters the appt from the garden, into the cum newspaper / butterfly overthrown / patterned kitchen and dining area.

   Old paintings from the Fornasetti workshop furnish an antique atmosphere.
Butterflies seem to be going everywhere... 
A few steps lead up to a sittingroom / bedroom. The idea of classical columns is provided by some old engravings of Roman triumphal columns.


 The bathroom of which I hope to add some pictures one day, was in black and gold tiles, all of fornasetti's well known ornamentation suns and faces...

Update end 2011: a good friend of mine had the opportunity to stay in the Fornasetti appt's just recently. Here some iPhone shots he send me...

On the site of Fornasetti there are great pictures of the house to be seen, although the atmosphere is, to my idea, not well captured. link to the house