Marije Vogelenzang wrote, "Eat Love A about food, giving an overview of her work from the moment she graduated from the Design Academy in 2000.

Eat Love - Love Eat

Eating is a daily experience that needs special attention. Yes, like love demands. That's the way Marije Vogelzang sees it. Love for the product, love the story behind it, love the people with whom you share it and love for the environment in which you eat. Eating design, in Marije's case means not just look of food. But the WHOLE, all there is in it: the psychological, cultural, sensitive, natural, action-packed, scientific, technical and social aspects of eating should be studied and transformed into food design.

The psychology of eating

In the first chapter Marije Vogelzang 
shows, what she understands as the psychology of eating. And she gives impressive examples. During the opening of the exhibition Black Confetti in the Rotterdam Schielandshuis about the Second World War and the impressions of the kids by then (the axis of the bombing came as black confetti falling from the sky) Marije Vogelzang served war snacks, with only the ingredients used during the war. And the beauty was that not only the bad memories of the guests emerged. Despite the poor food of these difficult times, there were still plenty of memories of good times, the food enticed the right conversation piece. Eating together was one of the small pleasures that time and the guests there had pleasant memories.

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