LA FOCE's Superview

One of the most stunning artificial views was created by Cecil Pinsent. Pinsent was an architect who had the good fortune to find a wealthy and influential patron when he was still in his early twenties. He was taken up by the American art historian Bernard Berenson. [Google all those Berenson's and you will see Marisa was his grandniece] He created quite some gardens in Italy of which I want to mention La Foce, to which this view belonged.

La Foce
Benedetta Origo
"...And then three years later, after my American great-grandmother had given my parents
enough money for a water pipe from a spirng six miles away,
he(Pinsent) was able to start this first little garden."

Oh, and this YouTube filmexplains more about La Foce. I almost forgot...

A lot has been written about all of Pinsent's work. Here is another link to another villa: i Tatti
It will lead you on to other interesting links.