British artist Norman Wilkinson Nature thought of how in evolution camouflage helped to hide from predators. 
He proposed to apply this 'technique' to warships at sea. 
In the seventies a small book appeared in which these boats and the designs were shown.
[at the bottom of this article there's also a film on this subject]

Lately I saw some designs that reminded me of Dazzle Painting. Here some examples...

First there is the classic first appearance. To see more look at Dazzle Painting 

Then, all of a sudden there is Tobias Rehberger.

This picture comes from Ventilate and shows Rehbergers work for the Setouchi Art Festival / Japan

Finally there is Boris Banozic. He designed the Stuttgart Flight Simulation Centre.

Boris Banozic is an architect and a scenographer [which is sort of obvious] 

Browsing through his work, I noticed quite some work we know now as quite iconic.

Here is a design for a stage in Berlin's Jewish Museum

For desert a cute film on the exhibition of Dazzle Painting in Glasgow's Riverside Museum