Once again German artist Thorsten Brinkmann  

German born artist Thorsten Brinkmann moves between painting, photography, sculpture, readymades, collage and performance.

Thorsten Brinkmann (Herne, 1971) is an active collector. In his hometown of Hamburg, he has a large shed completely filled with found objects. Everything you can find at the flea market, you also collect Thorsten Brinkmann at: discarded wardrobes, lamp shades, tables, rugs and more. From this series he draws freely in installations, sculptures, videos and photos.

The photographic self-portraits dresses and masks Thorsten Brinkmann is always another way. One time he pulls secondhand clothes over his head. Other times he hides his face in a flowerpot or lampshade. Using the items from his collection molds Brinkmann each his own body into a new representation of himself.

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