It is quite some time ago when I visited The Galleria Nazionale D'Arte Moderna eContemporanea. I guess it is still there, at the Viale delle Belle Arti and did not merge into the new MAXXI.
The interesting thing of the museum is it's chaotic [Italian?] charm. A lot of different painters 'hurled', more or less chronologically into the halls. 
I love a museum like this. It gives you a chance to discover new names. It also offered the opportunity to see some Gnoli's. 
His oeuvre is not that big and his work is seldom on show.
Now there was suddenly some exposure. I discovered it on Trendland

Domenico Gnoli with Black Hair, s'Estaca, Valldemossa, Mallorca, Spain, Summer 1969

Life exerpt: Is there any question more vexing for the devoted fan than what could have been? Admirers and collectors of the late Italian artist Domenico Gnoli must surely be asking themselves this question yet again this week now that New York’s Luxembourg & Dayan gallery has mounted the first U.S. show devoted to Gnoli since his death four decades ago. In 1969, after a successful solo show at the trail-blazing Sidney Janis gallery in New York, the beautiful, bohemian dandy with an abundance of talent—he was also a leading illustrator and stage designer early in his career—was poised to become a major art star. But his career was cut tragically short, when he died a few months later of cancer, at only 36.

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For NY-ers: Luxembourg & Dayan on show untill june 30 [2012]