Good news: The Monster of Moretti is back to visit.

The 'Monstre' is located in the bowels of La Defense, it is a sculpture and installation by Raymond Moretti. he built it in the studio that he lives in the brand new architectural 'monster' La Defense, possessed.
Les Journées du Patrimoine [guardian of the Parisian heritage] reopened the workshop and living space by Raymond Moretti, abandoned since 2005, the year of the death of its creator.

Right the chimney of the 'Monster'

Before 2005, the installation was open to the public every day

Moretti stond bekend om als ontwerper van posters

The installation seen from the balcony
(for security reasons you can not descend)
The shadows on the walls are painted

Parts are scattered on the ground

A walk in a theatrical setting

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Pictures made by the visitors, who to their surprise were guided as a group of six, by an expert on the history of the business district, offering everything some very passionate commentary.
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